The Guest Stars

Guest stars include celebrated musicians John Common and Jess DeNicola, Jen Korte, balls juggler Brian Landis Folkins, magician Gregg Tobo, comedian Christie Buchele, actor Adrian Egolf, the drunken team of Jack and Coke (aka Meridith C. Grundei and Gary Grundei), DJ Savior Breath, DJ YanceyleBeef and others– with a special appearance by Kirk Montgomery.

John and Jess JOHN COMMON & JESS DeNICOLA– The first time John and Jess met it was obvious: these two were meant to sing together. Each was successful in their own right: John as a singer/songwriter and musician in a string of successful bands of his own, and Jess as a singer/co-vocalist in a strong of bands and projects. But it was pretty apparent that they had something unique to explore together. So they did.

Since meeting, they’ve put out acclaimed records, toured the country several times and played hundreds of shows as both a duo and with their bands (John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light and now, John Common Superheart). Also, they made it official and got married.
Was it worth it? Come judge for yourself.      website:

Jen K JEN KORTE– Jen Korte taught herself to play guitar at 18 and began playing small gigs in Austin. In 2005, she packed whatever she could fit in her car and headed off to Denver, where she’s lived since. In addition to her band, Jen Korte and The Loss, Jen also fronts The Dirty Femmes: A celebration of the Violent Femmes– which has performed with Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes.


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